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RMH offers you five distinct areas to enjoy including the glass enclosed Atrium, Courtyard, Governors Lounge, Bluestone Cells dating back to the 1850's and Heritage Nightclub on the 1st floor

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The Royal Melbourne Hotel (formally known as the Palladin) is Melbourne's most unique entertainment and function establishment. Housed in a heritage listed building incorporating a Bluestone Cell block, a Glass Atrium in between, Boutique Nightclub Upstairs and plush Lounge up the front, it has since been refurbished and transformed to provide the perfect place for all events large and small. It offers 4 separate areas from which to choose from accommodating events and functions from 100 to 1200 guests.

Spectacular glass enclosure with direct access to outdoor Courtyard 800 people.

Featuring bluestone long corridors and private Warden's Room 120 people.

Upstairs boutique nightclub inclusive of 2 bars, DJ facilities, dance floor and a sunken chill-lounge 250 people.

100 people perfect for the intimate event.

All areas feature fully equipped dj/live act set up, EV sound, Intelligent lighting rigs, plasmas, long throw projectors, comfy couches and more. All areas feature separate entrances if required and are individually sound contained. The Royal Melbourne is perfectly located between King and Spencer Street, Melbourne CBD – with all modes of transport within close proximity, tram stop at the doorstep and less than a 5 minute walk to Southern Cross Station.

We can assist you in event design, production and promotions all tailored to your needs.

Contact RMH the Venue on Ph: 03 9629 2400 or e-mail info@rmh.com.au if you have any further queries or wish to view the venue.




Band Equipment

FOH 3 Way System

2 x OUTLINE SUBTECH 218 - Subwoofer system. 2 x 18" woofers, 1.500 WAES, 143 dB peak
6 x OUTLINE DOPPIA 9075 A - 3 ways full range loudspeaker system with 3" compression driver.

Side Fills
2 x OUTLINE DVS10SP two ways compact loudspeaker, 1 x 10" woofer, 1 x 1" compression driver

Fold Backs

3 x 12" & 1" Wedges
1 x Spx Twin 15" & 1" Drum fill
2 x DBX Twin 31 Band Eq (231)
2 x Pv 2000 amps

1 x Soundcraft LX7 mk11 - 32 Channel Desk
1 x 32/8 Multi Core
1 x Klark Tecnic square one twin 31 band EQ (FOH}
1 x Drawmer Dual Comp/Limiter (FOH)
1 x Quad Gate
5 x Dbx Dual Comp
2 x Lexicon effect m200
4 x SM 58
2 x Akg 770
4 x Di Boxes
1 x Shure Drum Mic kit
* Mic stands and leads

DJ Equipment for Atrium
1 x Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer
2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 Cd Player
2 x SL1200 Turntable (on Request)
1 x DJ Console Table
2 x DJ Fold Back

Lighting in Atrium
4 x Geni Obey 3 moving head spots 250watt
2 x Geni Obey 600 Wash Moving Heads
1 x Martin Freakie Controller
1 x i colour 4 Stage Wash
1 x i colour controller

Atrium extra features
8 x Sections of staging 2400 x 1200 to make a stage 6 meters x 3.6 Meters
1 x 3000 Lumens Projector & Pull Down 8 x 6 Screen
2 x 50" Plasma Screen
1 X 32 Amp 3 Phase Outlet
4 x EV 12" House speakers for room Fill
4 x Sections of 6 Mt Rigging Pipe under Ceiling


Cells Sound

1 x PV Dual 18" Sub Bass Speaker
8 x 10" Mid Hi Box's
2 X DJ Fold Back
1 x DJ Console Table 1 x Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer
2 x Cdj 1000 Cd Players
2 x SL1200 Turntables on request
1 x Projector & Screen

Lighting in Cells
4 x Geni Shiva Scan
2 x Sound Activated Effect Lights

Upstairs SPEC'S

Upstairs Sound
8 x 12" Mid Hi Speakers
2 x PV Dual 18" Sub Bass Speakers
1 x Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer
2 x Cdj1000 mk3 Cd Players
2 x SL1200 Turntables on request

4 x Imove 7s 150watt Moving Heads
2 x Effect Lights
1 x 1500watt Mega Strobe with controller
1 x Smoke Machine
1 x Pull Down Screen & projector
Rigging pole's in Ceiling

We Can also provide the below equipment, please call to discuss a package for your event.

• Plasma Walls
• Trussing
• Led Tubes
• Led Panels
• Lasers
• Extra Sound Equipment
• Extra Lighting

Contact RMH the Venue on Ph: 03 9629 2400 or e-mail info@rmh.com.au if you have any further queries or wish to view the venue.